Athens VS Sparta

In the era of ancient Greece and the classical era, there were significant similarities and differences between the two specific city states. The two city states, Sparta and Athens all have their own government, history, goals, and social forms. After experiencing an increase in population and lack of cultivated land, the Spartans crossed the western boundaries of their mountains, hoping to find new broad lands. When they realized that they entered Messenia’s fertile plain, they decided to change their houses, putting the Spartans in great danger.

Athens and Sparta In ancient Greece the government had mainly two forms, democracy and oligarchy. The city state of Athens and Sparta is the best representative of democracy and oligarchicism. The focus of the era is military power, but the Athenians are more interested in comfort and culture. For the war attitude as a major task to compare and compare the prominent political and cultural elements of the Polar of Athens and Spartans, and how the Athens Army reflects this in the marathon campaign 490 BC It was Sparta’s oligarch regime. Heavy infantry of 300 Spartan at the fight of Thermopyla in 480 BC. The two most famous Greek poles Athens and Sparta culture was first shown in the battle of Athens against the Persian Empire in the marathon of 490 B.C. including Athens.

Athens and Sparta have two empire empires throughout the ancient world. (S) Athens and the Spartan Empire. Both cities are strong and famous, but there are distinctions. However, compared to Sparta, the City of Athens is much more influential and influential urban state. Although both cities have their own advantages such as government, social structure, military tactics, Athens is an important city, yet Athens, Sparta Athens and Sparta are the two largest Greek city states in the ancient world. . The two towering cities of the heyday were the most influential cultural, military and trade powers of the Western civilization of the 1st century BC. Though they are quite contrasting, they are similar and lay the foundation for the Peloponnesus War. These differences are the influence of geographic isolation, but they start with the same ideological foundation

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