Internet In Promoting Tourism And Hospitality Tourism Essay

Introduction :

Nowadays, hospitality and tourism is one of the largest economic activity in the world, became an economic sector has an important role for economic development, national society of the world. This is a smokeless industry, it earned foreign currency for many nations and it is also an economic unit with the fastest growth in terms of creating jobs.

In the future , hospitality and tourism industry affected by many factors to the success, outside the natural conditions of the country , besides have to mention the increased promotion of tourism products, using information technology to promotion of national image for international friends, create favorable conditions to reach customers.

Besides , social factors, technological factors, economic factors, ecological factors, political factors is also effect to hospitality and tourism . Among them , technological factors which are considered important factors in the development of hospitality and tourism .

The body :

Website and internet in promoting tourism and hospitality?

The popularity of information and communication technology to access information on travel and booking easy, fast and cheap. Promoting the advantages of the development of information technology, the use of the site aims to transmit information on tourism to the tourists , specializes in disseminating information about tourist sites and tourist tours. Besides these sites were built and developed with the aim of propaganda tool, promoting the image information on hotels, meeting the online booking search free.

One symbolic example of the use Internet to promote tourism that is program ” To improve the quality of services – Ho Chi Minh City – 100 interesting things” in 2009 , organized by the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City . That program select the tourism product unique and attractive ,way to build the tourism products typical nature to introduce with domestic and foreign tourists, to improve the image of Ho Chi Minh.

100 interesting things about :











After the votes are 100 interesting things, they conducted to promote products to domestic and foreign tourists through website Ho Chi Minh City 100 Excitement .

This is a typical example, through the use of information technology to help international friends should understand the tourism industry in Vietnam , besides, also help visitors have a exactly choice of travel products.

With hospitality industry , using web site and internet contributed in bringing a market advantage , easier to manage the growth of restaurant and customer needs. It help customers shorten time looking for information about destination , booking room , where to eat , where have entertainments … all that information is already in the website . Web site poses a lot of information about hotel , restaurant and travel agency , when customer submit that information , they can choose goods or services which make them satisfy.

When you sign in the web site of Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers , you will feel satisfy with a lot of information about overview of Sheraton hotel , photos , feature and activities and a lot of convenience . In there web site always appear reservation in spite of you change another page of this website , it make easier when customer want to book online in all time. Besides , that web site also provide important information as promotions, special offers , special prices , discounts , coupons … This website also provides name of all restaurants in Sheraton Hotel and introduce the visitors when they should drink or eat and what they should drink or eat , it also provides time open and close of those restaurants , cuisine and atmosphere , so the visitors will have a lot of choice in their trips.

In addition, that web site provide information about weather , local area map and transportation of Ho Chi Minh City . Thus , visitors want to visit Ho Chi Minh City will to feel secure when sign in web site of Sheraton Hotel because that have what they want .

One more web site provide online reservation systems worldwide (Global Distribution System – GDS) , that is Genares ( , visitors use GDS can reservation hotel around the world . Only create account on GDS , the customer will find information about history of the hotel , price of every room , and discount price… Service of Genares bring a lot of advantage for visitors , it connect with more than 1000 tourism websites all over the world .

So that , information about restaurant or hotel on web site will bring important sense in developing and maintaining quality of customer. The content must be offer meaningful information and visitor satisfaction so that they will come back to visit.

Software in managing tourism and hospitality :

One of most important factors more to contribute to the success of hospitality and tourism industry that is management . Addition , the software and applications helps management better , easier , most attentive and more resourceful .

With POS ( Point of Sale ) , it was be built when restaurant operators looking for the way to serve their customers better , manage employees easier and control transaction food and beverage exactly . Functions of POS system include : decreased service time , order accuracy ,security of cash transaction, reduced training burden , performance control, sales reporting , reduced theft … In general , POS system focus three functions : Sales management, Purchasing management, Storehouse management .

This system help manage daily activities , from order food and beverage , guest-check settles to transaction by credit card . It also save the time for employees , can solve needs of customer fastest . So that , all departments of hotel have POS system such as restaurant , kitchen ,the bar …

Sales management :

Functions include Customer Information Management, Information Sales, Sales Management, Debt of customers and take care customer better . Besides , this function also support sales department can care customers better through customers debt and number of transaction of each customer.

With Sales management , when customers order food or beverage, cabin crew recorded by handheld devices or enter directly at the POS machine. Information will be checked and moved to bartender or kitchen to make food or drink .Special , food or beverage can be order follow request of guest and they often completely satisfied with service.

Besides , managing employees very important to serve guests , there fore, the control of working time of employees , restaurant is very flexible in regulating together . The manager can know sales , tracking accounting , management of food inventory…and the manager will have plans to import food or beverage reasonable , avoid damage and loss.

Purchasing management :

With purchasing management, order depend on inventory , purchase , storehouse and payment cost of purchasing .

Besides , manager can know goods are purchase by who suppliers , how much the price and sold to whom , manage inventory for each item ( if there are a lot of items ).

Storehouse management :

Besides the functions as export , import , conservation , it also provides more convenient to manage many items of goods .

The conclusion :

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